I was born in Tanzania and spent most of my childhood studying in Uganda before moving to join my parents in the UK, in 2009 at the age of 14 years old. I am very passionate about architecture and climate change and I enjoy the challenges of tackling everyday issues within our built environment and on a global scale.

After qualifying for my RIBA Part 2 Masters of Architecture in 2020, I decided to step out from architecture and start MITI-LIFE to help combat climate change within the product design industry.

I have previous experience working with local governments to find solutions through introducing circular economy programs locally and push towards the net-zero carbon targets set for 2050. 

As we are facing a climate emergency, I realised that there are many products in the market pushing for sustainability but are not sustainably produced. This is an area with a great potential to explore and we at MITI-LIFE want to make our mark in the homeware product industry. 

MITI LIFE, is a sustainable products based business, taking it's name from the Swahili word for trees.  Our aim at MITI-LIFE is not only to design sustainable homeware products but also educate consumers on how we can achieve a net-zero carbon future. We want our customers to be part of the solution, not the problem.

We are very excited here at MITI-LIFE to have you take this journey with us.


MITI LIFE is an emerging market leader in innovative and sustainable solutions to help people stay hydrated whilst reducing the true environmental impact of plastics and other man-made products on our planet.


Miti-life is partnering with the University of East London and the South Eastern New Energy Project, who are funded by the European Regional Development Fund & HM Government. 


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